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IPEGA PG-9021 Classic Bluetooth Gamepad – BLACK

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V3.0 / 6 – 8m Wireless Range Game Controller for Android / iOS

Main Features:
IPEGA classic Bluetooth gamepad
This product is a new wireless Bluetooth controller which supports different Android / iOS / PC games
It can be used when connected with the Bluetooth mobile phone and without any drivers
Exclusive gaming application platform, the classic hand travel under control ( IPEGA game lobby only for Android platform )
Built-in 380mAh lithium battery, after charging, it can be sustainable for 20 hours, safe and stable
With telescopic stand, mobile phone or tablet can be placed in the bracket ( maximum support for 6-inch mobile phone )
With “volume +, -,”last “,”next “”Play / Pause” , total 5 multimedia function keys ( This function is incompatible with Y key mode )
Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission can support 6 – 8 meters wide range of control from the operation
User-friendly software designed to enter the power saving mode with no connection state
Support Android 3.2, iOS 4.3 above system
Compatible with WinXP / Win7 / Win8, Android TV Box, Android TV
Attention: for iOS system, the product can be used just to play icade games, and the games list has been concretely explained in the user manual
The phones showed in the pictures are not included in the package.

FAQ for IPEGA PG-9021 Classic Bluetooth Gamepad
Does IPEGA PG-9021 gamepad have the mouse function?

Yes, it does.
Can i use with usb in pc?

Yes, you can.
Is possible to conect with USB cable to an android box?

It can be connected to android box by USB cable.
What is the max size phone can it hold?

6 inch.
Why do I need pin code when connecting Android device via Bluetooth?

Please connect it in right way: X + home.
Why the Bluetooth connecting light can’t turn on?

Make sure the gamepad is fully charged, you can reconnect it with charge cable.
Can this item be shipped to my country?

We can deliver orders to most countries. For a detailed explanation of each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please check our website: https://www.gearbest.com/about/shipping-methods.html

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